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The .london domain available for general registration

.london domain was made available for general registration on September 9, recording over 12,000 domain registrations within the first 24 hours of its general availability, with a total number of registered domain names of over 35,000.

During the Landrush phase, there were 22,600 domain names registered under .xyz. Within 24 hours following the opening of the General Availability phase, there were 12,400 new domain names recorded.

The number was impressive but still fell short of the expectations. Even though this result is a record among new gTLDs, the predicted numbers stretched as far as 50,000 registrations. Comparatively, the .berlin domain recorded less than 32 thousand domain name registrations within the first day of its General Availability, but a number of free domain names were offered to the residents of the German capital during a promotional campaign.

On the other hand, the .club domain, leading the way among new gTLDs offered for a fee, had nearly 26,000 domain names registered within the first day following the start of its General Availability.

High expectations for .london were aroused by the prominent position of London and its sizable population of 10 million as well as the promotional efforts made by the registry of .london domain in the British capital.

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100 thousand registrations under .CLUB domain!

The .club domain has been the first among new generic TLDs to achieve 100 thousand paid registrations. The total number of names under the new extension is now 2.1 million. The .XYZ domain scores highest with the more than 477 thousand domain registrations, followed by geo TLD .berlin with nearly 140 thousand domain names registered to date.

The marketing of the .club domain has been more transparent yet equally effective when compared to .xyz, given the number of paid registrations. .club has been the first among new gTLDs to benefit from the support of a celebrity – the promotion engaged a well-known rapper 50 Cent. In addition, the domain has been visible for several weeks on the home page of the world’s largest registrar. It seems clear that honest marketing practices bring positive results, although it is difficult to downplay the value of the extension itself.

The .club domain, in a very short time following its release for general registration, has become a leader among new generic TLDs with paid registrations. It may be too soon to talk about big profits, but considering the renewals of .club domains next year, a substantial return on this wide-reaching .club campaign can be expected.

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