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Google.com bought for $12!

It’s not every day that individuals encounter news such as this one. It is a short tale though to get a second of a one who obtained “Google.com”.

Sanmay Ved, an ex-Google staff, was surfing Google’s website, Google Areas through -purchasing assistance, when he found Google.com, and yes, it had been also and available for a 12.

Expecting to acquire a mistake message, Ved was able to finish the purchase, included it to his shopping cart software, made transaction and required the next thing.

Third, he obtained two emails from sc-noreply@google.com and wmt-noreply@google.com (that will be not standard, he provides), and his Google Research System (aka Google Webmaster Resources) was car-updated with webmaster relevant communications for that Google.com site, and therefore possession was really used in him.

“The frightening aspect was I’d use of the webmaster handles to get a moment,” Ved advised Business Expert.

But quickly he obtained an order termination mail from Google Areas. He describes that Google might do that whilst the enrollment support utilized by him (aka Google Areas) belonged to Google, unlike the 2003 function by which Microsoft forgot to restore their Hotmail British site so when someone else selected it-up, Microsoft wasn’t in a position to stop the purchase.

“So for just one moment I’d entry,” Ved included. “atleast I are now able to state I am the person who possessed Google.com to get a minute”.

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