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Some stats about .xyz domain

.xyz is huge — about 900,000 domain names — but it is also contentious since many of the domain names were given away for free.

(Before this week I used dataprovider to compare use in .London and .NYC.)

Using data from last month, dataprovider could attain about 550,000 .xyz domain names (the remainder were inaccessible in their spidering). Below are a few of the stats that are interesting.

Many domain names, as you’d anticipate, have registrar placeholder pages. But look in the high amounts for content websites too.

nTLDstats reveals that .xyz is popular at Asian domain name registrars, which pops up in dataprovider’s language evaluation. Dataprovider decided that, if your site includes content, it’s Japanese or Chinese 68% of the time.

Additionally, many .xyz domain names are used or forwarded to full fledged company ecommerce companies.

Dataprovider located about 2,700 ecommerce websites using .xyz and 1,700 with an SSL certification.

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