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What is your preferred domainname?

I expected people to share a common domainname last week. Of 300 comments, the article had simply shy at publication’s time. Many of the comments offered feedback about domain names that were submitted, nevertheless the majority were comments with people’s beloved site names posted.

One thing I was surprised about was the amount of new domain name submissions. I’d have believed submissions’ vast majority would be.com domain names. It was fascinating for me personally to observe the number of new website submissions that viewers benefit.

I am now interested to view that which you consider your best domain name is. I am sure many individuals have more than one domain name they consider valuable, and I feel it would not be uninteresting if persons shared the domain name they own that contains the most (economical) benefit today. I also invite you to discuss everything you think the domainname may be worth. Feel free to go away a price if you would really like.

Others are welcome to discuss the domain name submissions to share their thoughts on the worth. For example, I believe it is worth $100,000 and if someone articles “RER.com is my most valuable domainname others can reveal whether they imagine the domainname may be worth pretty much. This really is just like a website appraisal thread.

Just like the past report, please remember that individuals could have thoughts that are various than the domain seller was posted from by the view, and all reviews that don’t get trapped from the spam filter will be published. Individuals who usually takes offense to reviews concerning the appraisal of domain names shouldn’t publish their domain name here for others to examine. DNJournal posts a study of income in the prior week each week, and there are numerous brands that bought for much more than I’d have previously thought.

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